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Water Injection Utility Buoy

Standalone Water Injection addition to existing offshore fields without costly brownfield work



Depth  47m



Fuel stored in hull as required


Mooring system

Semi-taut moorings comprising chain & polyester rope


Risers & Umbilicals

Seawater intake

Water injection

Control & power umbilical

Gas import riser (Optional)



Water injection facilities

Sea water injection (75,000 bwpd)

2 x 50% Sea water injection pumps

Seawater filtration & sulphate removal

Compact de-oxygenation skid

Pre-injection booster pumps & chemical injection


Power generation

3 x 50% dual fuel (gas or MGO) engines



Utilities & ancillary equipment

Communications – dual redundant VSAT + LOS if suitable

Control & condition monitoring

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