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Low cost floating solutions for unmanned offshore operations

BPT’s technology is a novel offshore floating structure.  The technology design enables it to be scalable for payloads from 5 to 5,000 tonnes and suitable for various environments and applications, including both offshore renewable and offshore hydrocarbon projects. 

Fabrication, Launch & Installation

The Hull: Versatility in Manufacturing and Deployment

The hull, which forms BPT’s patented technology, is of a single column spar-buoy configuration comprising an upper slender buoyant cylindrical column and a lower larger cylindrical base.  The functional equipment is located in a separate topsides structure, mated to the weather deck of the buoy hull.


The compact design, developed specifically for smaller payloads, offers a lower CAPEX solution compared with the majority of traditional offshore hull designs developed for manned operations.  In addition, the design offers the following key benefits to the end user:

  1. The hull is scalable, and therefore can be configured for multiple payloads, such that the benefits can be realised for a number of offshore applications. 

  2. The hull can be launched vertically at a shallow draught.  As such, the unit can be launched towed and installed at site without the need for large offshore construction vessels, and therefore offers CAPEX advantages compared with other deep draught facilities, such as Spars. 

  3. The cylindrical hull is simple and low cost to construct, without any complex structural elements requiring through life external inspection and repair, thus offering a lower OPEX compared with multiple legged semi-submersible units. 

  4. The deep draught facility with a slender waterline offers good motions performance in the offshore environment.

  5. The hull and topsides can be constructed separately, offering local content opportunities to the project and reducing integration risks from the construction phase.

The Topsides: Streamlined Installation and Efficiency

The topside facility is constructed separately from the hull and is configured specifically for the offshore application by specialist contractors.  The completed topsides is integrated onto the hull in the fabrication yard at the quayside, enabling full pre-commissioning of all systems prior to the unit being taken offshore, minimising offshore hookup and commissioning costs, and reducing project execution risk

Safe, Efficient, and Unmanned Operations
BPT_Buoy_Image_02_Supply Vessel_SCREEN.jpg

The system is configured such that all functional equipment is housed, or accessible, from  the topside.  This feature reduces the necessity for confined entries during maintenance, significantly reducing personnel risk during infrequent offshore campaigns for maintenance, bunkering (where applicable), and inspection.

During model testing of the system, the BPT hull has demonstrated exceptional motion response in offshore conditions, a function of the hullform and mass distribution.

A Versatile Design

The BPT hull design has been developed with a focus on reducing complexity and cost.


The system can be scaled for different size payloads, enabling versatility of the design for different applications from simple, low power subsea system control to larger substation applications.


The key features of the hull, simple construction, shallow water draught, and good motions performance are achieved regardless of the size of system deployed. 

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