Power & Control Buoy

Enabling challenging subsea tiebacks

Normally Unattended Installation

Low lifecycle cost

Eliminate umbilical from the host

Minimise brownfield modifications

BPT has developed a simple, normally unattended buoy to provide power, control & chemicals at the wellsite, eliminating the need for an umbilical exporting services from the host.  Adopting this approach minimises the tieback's impact on the host and extends the distance at which a tieback is technically and economically viable.


The Power and Control buoy provides key services at the wellsite required to overcome flow assurance and control constraints without the need for an umbilical from the host facility. 

Key Benefits

  • The cost of a long distance umbilical from a host facility is eliminated.

  • The host facility no longer needs to provide the services to an umbilical (e.g. chemical injection, power, control) .

  • Overcome flow assurance challenges. 

  • Lower carbon footprint and reduced HSSE risk compared with a manned FPU.

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