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The Demonstrator project is an ongoing initiative by BPT, with funding and support from industrial partners to design, fabricate, install, and test a small-scale demonstrator unit of BPT’s floating offshore structure. 


The main objective of the project is to demonstrate that the technology is ready to be used on commercial projects by:

  • Technology qualification review.

  • Full-scale proof of ballasting operation.

  • Ocean-scale operations.



The Demonstrator will be tested at FABTEST, a pre-consented test site located offshore Falmouth, in the South West of the UK.  FABTEST is managed by the Falmouth Harbour Commission. 


The site has been selected as it provides a suitably robust set of wave conditions, which will allow meaningful comparison of wave tank-test results, and correlation with numerical simulations.


The system design is a small-scale unit, configured to be low-cost whilst achieving the project objectives. 


The demonstrator project will not test the full functionality of the utility buoy system, since the majority of the system is proven offshore and at full TRL.  Prototype project testing will cover the following:

  • Hull shallow water launch and ballasting

  • Hull motions and accelerations performance in open water irregular sea states

  • Topsides remote monitoring and control reliability

Screenshot 2024-03-05 101028.png


Testing operations are expected to commence during Q1 2025 and will run for 6 months in total.


More details

For additional details, please contact BPT at using the contact form found here.

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