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Production Buoy

Economic production of marginal and stranded fields

Normally Unattended Installation

Low lifecycle cost

Standalone production facilities

As offshore oil and gas basins mature and hydrocarbon reserves deplete, Operators are increasingly looking to develop the remaining fields.  These prospects can be challenging to develop, with marginal economics driven by low reserves, stranded locations and extreme metocean conditions. 

In response to these challenges, BPT has developed a Production Buoy configured as an Normally Unattended Installation (NUI).  The compact offshore unit, configured to be unattended during operation, offers lower lifecycle costs compared with traditional, manned facilities and can enable a previously marginal prospect to be economic. 

BPT has developed the Production Buoy as part of the Facility of the Future initiative, supported by The UK's Oil and Gas Technology Centre and key industrial partners.  The Facility of the Future study has executed a pre-FEED engineering study focussed on a typical North Sea field, maturing the engineering design and proving technical feasibility, uptime and  economic feasibility. 

BPT is working with clients to define field applications for the Production Buoy and commence field specific studies. 

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