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BPT signs collaboration agreement with Siemens Energy

BPT has announced that its pioneering Floating Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) design has moved closer to commercialisation with a strategic collaboration with Siemens Energy AS, to jointly market and deliver the units. NUI has the potential to economically unlock smaller and deep-water reservoirs.

The partnership will focus on the use of compact NUIs for the development of offshore oil and gas fields in deep-water locations. Siemens Energy’s digital solution will facilitate a low lifecycle cost solution to BPT’s proprietary ‘Floating NUI’ design that can make projects economically viable and significantly reduce carbon footprint when compared with traditional offshore facilities. With increasing focus on the environmental impact of oil and gas projects, as well as uncertainty surrounding commodity prices, Floating NUIs can offer a robust development solution for the future. The design also presents the potential to tie in sustainable power sources.

Siemens Energy AS and BPT have been successfully working together for the past two years, as part of the Oil and Gas Technology Centre’s ‘Facility of the Future’ study, developing and maturing Floating NUI technology. In this collaboration, BPT brings their proprietary Floating NUI designs, configured for a range of offshore developments. Siemens Energy AS provides the digital hardware and software necessary to enable remote control and operation for the duration of an asset’s lifecycle.

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