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Delivering the future of floating offshore installations 
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Buoyant Production Technologies

Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd.  (BPT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crondall Energy  a specialist independent consultancy focussed on offshore floating production and subsea systems.
BPT was formed during 2018 with a goal to develop offshore facilities that utilise digital technologies and novel design philosophies to reduce HSSE risks and minimise lifecycle costs. 

Demonstrator Buoy Technical Drawing

Our team develops holistic design solutions, configured for reliable operations in the harsh offshore environment and a low manning profile.  We work with key industrial partners and operators to ensure our designs remain at the forefront of current technologies.

The Technology

BPT has developed and patented a novel offshore floating structure.  The technology design enables it to be scalable for payloads from 5 to 5,000 tonnes and suitable for various environments and applications, including both offshore renewable and offshore hydrocarbon projects.  

The simple hull construction, passive ballasting system, and small scale of BPT’s design ensure the structure is suitable for small-scale offshore applications, where low CAPEX and OPEX are key to ensure economic viability.   

Subsea Power & Control

The simple, normally unattended buoy can provide power, control & chemicals at the wellsite of a subsea tieback, eliminating the need for a long distance static umbilical for control of the subsea system. 

Adopting this approach can reduce the development’s CAPEX, and minimise the tieback's impact on the host, extending the distance at which a tieback is technically and economically viable.

Floating Substations

BPT has developed a Floating Substation substructure design configured to support a substation payload, capable of operating in harsh environmental conditions. The solution opens the door to larger and deeper offshore wind developments and is the necessary component for transferring energy from deep-water floating wind developments back to shore.

Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

+44 (0)1962 841133

Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd.

Innovation Centre

2 Venture Road

University of Southampton Science Park


SO16 7NP

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